National Science & Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS)


This Data Book, seventh in the series, is an attempt to put together such data which are directly or indirectly related to Science & Technology (S&T) activities. It covers time series data in variety and form on resources deployed on Science & Technology; S&T personnel; International comparison of resources; Input for S&T activities and some selected economic parameters of relevance. The data is depicted as graphs / charts.

In the present series, an attempt has been made to incorporate a new dimension under the title Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Indicators, realising the potential of ICT revolutionised in development and application of S&T for the welfare of the society.

The Data Book is aimed primarily for policy makers, planners, researchers, scientists & technologists requiring pocket size editions giving quantitative overview of the national S&T activities. The primary data for it was collected as a part of national surveys conducted by the Department of Science & Technology on Resources Devoted to S&T Activities and further supplemented by the various relevant national and international secondary sources.

The data Book is produced by Dr. A. N. Rai & Sh. Parveen Arora with inputs from Dr. G. J. Samathanam, and Sh. C. Rajadurai, under supervision of Sh. Rakesh Chetal and over all guidance of the Head, National Science & Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS) Division, of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India