Manpower Management Centre (MMC) is thankful to National Science & Technology Management Information System (NSTMIS) Division of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, for sponsoring to our Centre the task of collecting information on Research & Development Funding Schemes of various Central Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies and to bring out this compendium after  compiling and analysing  the information so collected.  MMC also gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance given by DST for this purpose.


The constant cooperation and immense help received from various officers of NSTMIS Division of DST; more specifically from Dr. Laxman Prasad, Adviser & Head, Shri Rakesh Chetal, Adviser and Mrs. Namita Gupta, Scientist E is gratefully acknowledged.


It has been a tremendous and very difficult job to get requisite information from various sources. Nodal Officers in various scientific agencies were contacted for this purpose; a number of brochures, annual reports were consulted,  and information from  relevant websites was downloaded and edited to prepare this General Information Booklet on Research and Development Funding Schemes. All those who cooperated in this regard; their cooperation is very much appreciated and thankfully acknowledged.


Project Director hereby expresses his thanks to Mrs. Urmila Verma, Research Associate for her sincere efforts in collecting the data especially from reluctant sources and her help in compiling the information. Deep gratitude is expressed for the active support provided by Ms. Kalpana Missar, Mr. Anuj and Mr. Amit in giving final shape to this compendium.


Sincere thanks are also conveyed to all other staff members of MMC for their efficient and ungrudging help and to all those who have participated in this task directly or indirectly and given their advice from time to time.



  Y.L. Nangia
March, 2006 Manpower Management Centre