Project Proposal Guidelines and Formats

Sl.No Item pdf
1. Guidelines for Submission of Project Proposals (item I to VII)

Format for Submission of Project Proposals (item VIII)

3. Documents required alongwith Project Proposal
3-(a). Certificate from the Project Investigator (item IX)
3-(b). Endorsement from the Head of Institution (to be given on letter head) (item X)
3-(c). Checklist for New Projects (item XI)
4. Other documents (in case of NGOs/consulting firms/other Non- Government Institutes)
4-(a). Latest Annual Report
4-(b). Bond required at the time of sanctioning the Project
4-(c). Registration Certificate of Society/Trust/Organisation

Formats required during implementation/upon completion of the projects

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Half yearly Project Progress Report

2. Statement of Expenditure/Utilisation Certificate (SE/UC) Format
3. Guidelines for Preparation of Project Completion Report (PCR)